IPSO FACTO creates optimal partnerships and financing frameworks that take each project’s characteristics into account.


Targeted asset classes

Multi-family rental, condominium, industrial, commercial, office, senior housing, student housing and land for short-term development purposes.

Amount invested

Generally ranging from $5 million to $15 million.

Investment time horizon

IPSO FACTO does not seek long-term retention of the assets in which it has participation, but does act in accordance with the long-term investment goals of its partners.

IPSO FACTO enjoys a wide network of institutional and private investors that allows to significantly increase the investment amount as needed.

Our real estate investments are mainly concentrated in the agglomerations of the greater Montreal region, Ottawa-Gatineau and Quebec City.


We adapt our investment strategy to your situation.

The nature of the investment can take many forms, the two main ones being:


Direct participation in the equity of a project or of a joint venture.


Mezzanine financing to help the developer carry out a project thanks to a higher overall leverage.


Two types of investments that will enable you to remain on course.

Equity investments

Mezzanine loan

Equity investments

Equity investments are usually called for when the time horizon to bring the project to market is clearly defined. IPSO FACTO favours holding a position which equals the developer’s. In the case of an investment, the developer is able to do business with a high-quality and highly structured partner who will share in the project’s risks.

Mezzanine loan

Mezzanine loans can be granted in various acquisitions, development or redevelopment projects. With repayment based on the cash generated by the project, it is more adaptable than conventional financing and can also give a greater operational flexibility. Mezzanine financing helps the developer take maximum advantage from the leverage it provides.